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Committed to the research and development and manufacturing of meltblown fabrics

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This product uses high-quality polypropylene melt blown special material, new process and new formula, ppm1500-plus can effectively prevent attenuation and embrittlement, without adding electret masterbatch.
It has stable fluidity, narrow molecular weight distribution and excellent spinning performance. It can be used to produce melt blown non-woven materials, which can significantly reduce the processing temperature

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Perfect automation equipment system and dust-free workshop

Yangzhong hengwei non woven fabric Co., Ltd

Holding enterprise of Jiangsu Xinba Electric Group

  Yangzhong hengwei non-woven fabric Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in high-end melt blown fabric (grade 90, grade 95 and Grade 99). Its business scope is: production, retail and wholesale of medical masks. The industry is used for the manufacture of textile products, and the sales of needle textiles and needle textiles. The company is committed to melt blown nonwovens processing technology research and development and manufacturing. Now it has 2 production lines of 1.6m wide meltblown cloth. The factory is equipped with perfect automation equipment system and dust-free workshop. Since its establishment, the company has always been based on the forefront of the industry, adhering to the technology research and development and manufacturing in the first place. To form an industrial chain from meltblown materials to electret masterbatch, independently develop melt blown fabric production line to ensure the high quality and stability of meltblown fabric product quality. The melt blown nonwovens produced by the melt blown process have the characteristics of uniform mesh forming, smooth cloth surface, anti-static, antibacterial, dust-proof, good air permeability and good tensile strength.


With complete qualifications, it has continuously invested in R & D and production, leading the upgrading of industrial technical standards.
The products have passed the relevant quality system certification

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Professional supplier of non-woven products

The second China melt blown technology experience exchange meeting was successfully held in Changzhou on June 30, 2020!
During the anti epidemic period, the national demand for masks has doubled its value, and at the same time, it has also led to the explosive development of mask machine, melt blown cloth
The core filter material of the mask is melt blown nonwovens, which is located between the inner and outer layers of the mask body.
Many friends of meltblown fabric manufacturers may have encountered this problem: the meltblown fabric is brittle and hard overnight after production.

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